Julian Birkinshaw


Julian is a regular keynote speaker at conferences in Europe, North America and Asia. He speaks on such issues as: Reinventing Management, Strategic Agility, Game-Changing Innovation, Employee Engagement, Managing for Innovation, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Cross-business Collaboration.

He speaks on and directs leadership development programmes for executives. Clients during the last five years have included Arup, If Insurance, Hess Oil, IBM, Novo Nordisk, Petrofac, Rio Tinto, Roche, Tata, Toshiba and UBS. An important component of this work is the methodology of management experimentation that he developed alongside Gary Hamel in the Management Innovation Lab (MLab).


Julian also provides consulting services to companies on a range of issues, including developing a new strategic plan, identifying innovation opportunities, reviewing and developing innovation methodologies, and enhancing employee engagement.

In his work at London Business School, Julian directs a one-week programme, Innovation: Making it Happen.

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